A people who were convinced that “people” were the major key to organizational growth, renewal and performance set up CHR as a specialist group.
CHR does not intend to change the world; it seeks to interact with a small number of organizations and through a variety of innovative approaches add values to the greatest assets are “people”. There is very little evidence (outside the Annual Reports of course) that this actually true. Driven by this transparent truth, CHR, has as its mission:

Human and their resources can contribute far more to organizations than paragraph in the Annual Report. Using this mission as an operational basis CHR initiatives, amongst them:
  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Unconventional
Seek to assist Organizations in achieving their missions through human and human related enterprise.
Our vision is to be a leading premium search agencies in India and to become a significant global player. Our aim, to be a global player, will lead to establishment of operations in key market of the world, including the developed countries.

We shall seek joint venture with partner who are major player in their country or region. We aspire to enrich our people – our driving force – to become highly professional and service oriented. By the turn of this decade, we shall be amongst the most admired premium search agencies in India.
CHR works in two major ways.
The core group is composed of an advisory panel that consists of variety of individuals with diverse experience in a variety of fields including Management, Environmental Studies, Banking, Design, Wildlife Photography & Research, Exports, Public Relation and Gems & Jewelry. The knowledge workers at build upon their own experience tempered by the directions of advisory panel. The extended group consists of a variety of individual and organizations that share the views of and work on Projects. is thus able to work on a wide variety of initiatives with inputs from multiple perspectives.
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