Where the candidate are made available for selection in all Position through us, the Professional fee will be of the equivalent to 12.5% of annual gross (Cost to the Company).


( Only after prior Approval )
For all position to be sourced through exclusive headhunting on your behalf or In case the profile happen to be of very special / rare one and there is a need for specific Headhunting to be done our charges will be 16.66% of annual gross inclusive of all perks of selected candidate (Cost to the Company)

  • No candidature / Bio?data or any other information regarding the position under consideration will be directed/ passed on by the client to any parent / sister concern and etc. without the concern of CHR.
  • A copy of appointment letter along with detailed breakup of remuneration package will be made available to us for billing purpose.
  • In exceptional circumstance it may happen that the candidate is not selected and/or decides not to join the organization and the client?s associates company for the same or different position hires the same candidate within a period of one year. In such circumstances full professional fee is payable to us.
  • All communication with the candidates, including the copy of appointment letter shall be routed through us. In event of the client failing to do so CHR holds the right to refuse extending their services and can charge for damages up to a limit of 20 % of annual gross salary per candidate.
  • Whenever outstation candidates have to be called for interview the client will reimburse to & fro fare OR in case reimbursement is done by CHR on behalf of the client the same will be billed separately.
  • A duly countersigned copy of this letter will constitute a valid contract between the client and CHR.
  • All rejected bio-data / C.V will be the property of CHR and should be return as soon as the assignment is over
  • The professional fee has to be paid in cash / cheque / DD in favour of Centre for Human Resource Payable at Baroda within 15 days of joining of the candidate.
  • Service tax of 10.2% will be charged on the invoice amount. ( as applicable)
  • All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Baroda.
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