offers a variety of conventional and non-conventional services. All of these are specially tailored to enhance organizational and personal and personal effectiveness in the hectic nineties. From Yoga & TM to developing sensing skills through fishing camps, has a wide menu of choice for in-organization HRD specialist to implement.

Should you so desire, could also contribute in more traditional ways like workshops, “fitment” recruitment and so on. Here we would paraphrase J. Walter Thomson referring to a client who insisted to having his ( sub optimal ) way. “ If you insist on wasting money on conventional ideas then the best way is to waste it through . !!! ”
Executive Search Services
  • Database Search
  • Premium Search
  • Advertisement Supported Search
After in-depth interview, qualitative report and background checks are forwarded to the client on short listed candidate.

Premium Search

Where the requirement is of senior management, we take responsibility in providing high caliber candidate by means of specific head – hunting assignment.

Objective :
To provide exclusive head – hunting services to customer for senior positions maintaining absolute confidentiality.

Levels :
Equivalent to or above D.G.M, General Managers, Associate / Assistant Vice President, Vice President, President, etc.

Management Selection - Advertising

Where a wider range of individuals can be considered, advertising can be effective. A wider range of candidates can mean higher response rate to advertisements with subsequent time, money and management effort being spent on the assessment process.

Our services free client management from this- consuming process and, by advertising or by a combination of advertisement and search we provide the important shortlist

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